Innovative Technology To Clean Your Streets

Scalable and Customised Modular Concepts for H2 Range Extenders

Range extenders based on conventional internal-combustion engines – the typical constellation in hybrid electric vehicles – are neither emission-free nor low-maintenance. This makes them economically unattractive, especially when the increasing cost of penalties for emissions are factored in.

Fuel cell range extenders using green hydrogen offer the possibility of completely CO2-neutral mobility. Fuel cell power units are extremely low-maintenance and have long service lives and high electrical efficiency – and they are retrofit-capable.

Our vision: scalable and customised modular concepts for H2 range extenders for your particular mobile and stationary applications, and expert assistance with their integration into your specific vehicles and aggregates.

The strategic advantages: low costs; lower power loss of the system as a whole; use of proprietary technology already available on the market; further reduction of dependency on mineral oil.